Meet Sydney

PhD Candidate, Play Therapist, Writer & Speaker

Research interests: play therapy, trauma, child-mental health, collective distress


The Basics

Respectful Engagement & Sharing A Love of Knowledge

While I do not believe knowledge belongs to individuals, it is important to me to credit those I have been taught by. I have benefited endlessly from people learning in public, directly around me and on the internet. With that in mind, I have cited as many people as possible whose ideas have influenced and impacted mine as reflected across this site. Therefore, understand that I have the same expectation of my words and work (including all original photography on this site). I celebrate teachers, activists, and people who I have never met, but have impacted me in a separate section above for your own exploration.


Abbreviated bottom lines

Learning in public is brave and worthwhile.

I don't have all the answers nor cling to an identity of 'expert'.

I will always try to get it right, and when I make mistakes, I will repair what I can.